new-churchThe World Mission Gospel Mandate was born out of deep encounter and acquaintance with God on the 1st of January, 2001. The Pioneer, Rev’d Mercy Ajani was raised by committed Christian parents, Rev’d James Ajani and Evang. (Mrs) Victoria Ajani through which he had an encounter with Christ at the early age of 4 years. He established the first fellowship in his Primary School at the age of seven (7). In 1998, he decided to follow God in full time ministry. His passion for souls has made him to work as a missionary in different countries of the world.

The first meeting of The World Mission Gospel Mandate (The World Mission Project) was attended by two persons in a small room at 12, Adekola street, Orogun, U.I. 2nd gate, Ibadan , Nigeria but reached out to 12 communities in 5 states in Nigeria through crusades and mission outreaches at the first year of the ministry and 12 countries in the 2nd year and the light of the ministry has been shinning from glory to glory.

The church arm of the mandate, Unity & Covenant Centre kicked off in 2005 at a primary school classroom and from the class to a hall at Orita challenge, Ibadan after which the church moved to a tent pp then the miracle Cathedral was born in 2012 – Covenant Cathedral, Covenant bus stop, Arise road, Oloko, Apata, Ibadan

which was dedicate by Apostle I. D. Lawon. A great house of God’s Covenant, an apostolic and prophetic centre, the world prayer centre, a house of revival and power, where the Word always become flesh and where an encounter within guarantees fulfillment.

Mission & Vision

The World Mission Gospel Mandate has a mandate to bring the World Back to God through the power of the word of God as a competent minister of the new covenant on the foundation of the Apostles and the Prophets. The emphasis of the ministry includes mercy, grace, salvation, missions and evangelism, discipleship, Holy Spirit , revival , relationship and family life, healing, miracles, signs and wonders, prosperity, breakthrough, mentoring in every area of life and the manifestation of the power of God to conquer territories and possess kingdoms for Christ.

The World Mission Gospel Mandate is driven by Hebrew8:11, Joel 2, Isaiah 2: 2-4, Haggai 2: 6-9, Matthew 24: 14 and  Habakkuk 3:2 because God bind all men to disobedience so that he can have mercy on all. We are devoted to seeking and saving the lost, giving hope to the hopeless through the rhema and the power of the word of God with evidence following through dynamic prophetic services, city-wide crusades, mission outreaches, conferences, village outreaches, medical outreaches, teaching conferences and seminars, marriage conferences etc to bring back the unity of the Spirit, to perfect the saint for the work of ministry, edify the body of Christ, to bring the unity of faith and knowledge of the son of God and build men to the stature of the fullness of Christ through Seven (7) Projects called The World Mission Project.

About Rev’d Mercy Ajani

DSC_3464Rev’d Mercy Ajani is an apostle and a prophet by the grace of God. He is called and sent to bring the world back to God by the evidence and manifestation of God’s power through His Word and raise the last army for the last war according to Joel 2 until Isaiah 2: 2 – 4 is fulfilled and the glory of the latter house that will be greater thank the former is manifested.

Rev’d Mercy is a dynamic preacher, teacher, a life coach, discipler, revivalist and missionary. He declares the absolute word of God by the power of the grace and mercy with rare audacity and an unflinching authority to possess nations and kingdoms for Christ through the power of God, he destroys and exposes Satanism and his agents with unusual miracles, signs and wonders. He has conquered many territories, dispossessed the devil and his agents in several open confrontations as in the days of Elijah on mount Carmel. He has through the power of God delivered people, groups, territories and lands from the claws of the devil and brought the prey out of the mouth of the lion as an apostle of the new testament. He is the general overseer and founder of The World Mission Gospel Mandate and the Senior Pastor of Covenant Cathedral located in Ibadan, Oyo state in Nigeria – one of the fastest growing churches in Nigeria.DSC_3433

He is married to a gracious woman of God and co – Pastor, Pastor (Mrs) Faith A

Mercy – Ajani and blessed with great hero and gems Hephzibah, Zion and Beulah.