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Boston Pizza Franchise Agreement

The above figures come from the 36 franchise and corporate restaurants opened and operated as of December 31, 2005. 50% of reported franchised restaurants reached or exceeded the 1998-2003 average, 40% reached or exceeded the 2004 average and 57% reached or exceeded the 2005 average. The average figures in the table above refer to the 12 months to December 31, 2005. Restaurants opened in 2005 were not open for full transfer fees (5). Under the franchise agreement, a non-refundable redemption amount equal to 25% of the original deductible fee in effect at the time and, according to the MILLIARDA share, a non-refundable replacement amount equal to 25% of the number of individual units transferred multiplied by the initial deductible tax of a single unit payable to BPR at the time , to cover the administrative and other costs of BPR resulting from the transfer of the restaurant. The transfer amount only applies if you pay 50% or more of your ownership shares cumulatively to third parties for the duration of the franchise agreement or MRDA. The transfer fee is removed if you are transferred from you to a company or other entity that was incorporated exclusively for property reasons. You must inform us of any imminent transfers and all transfers must comply with the terms of the franchise agreement and comply with the transfer guidelines made available to you by BPR. The transfer amount must be paid in full before each transfer. In addition, the purchaser, its general manager or general manager and at least three managers follow, at the purchaser`s expense, all the training programs that are then in effect for the current franchisees on the appropriate terms of BPR. Transfer fees are non-refundable. If you`re considering a Boston Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar franchise, don`t be blinded by these 25 major franchise fees (from the original franchise, the license fee, to 23 other fees in articles 5 and 6 of the Boston Pizza Restaurant – Sports Bar 2019 FDD). BPR does not operate or operate restaurants that offer products or services under different trade names or brands similar to those you offer.

However, the franchise agreement does not contain any restrictions other than those mentioned above in BPR`s right to create other franchises or other outlets or to offer products and services in other distribution channels. I. Restitution of materials. The franchisor immediately hands over to the franchisor all copies of all equipment held by the franchisee, including manuals, all records, records, instructions, correspondence, customer database, brochures, agreements, disclosure statements and any other documents relating to the operation of the franchise transaction held by the franchise, as well as all copies of these documents (all recognized as franchise property) and does not retain any copies or registration of any of the documents mentioned above. , with the exception of the franchisee`s copy of this agreement, any correspondence between the parties and any other documents reasonably required by the franchisee to comply with a provision of the law. In addition to the above reasons, the franchisee provides the franchisor with a complete list of all persons employed by the franchisee in the three (3) years immediately preceding the termination, as well as all employment actions of each worker on that list. All costs associated with the provision of all necessary equipment for this section XIV.I are financed by the franchisee. These states have statutes that may depart from the franchise agreement in your relationship with BPR, including the termination and renewal areas of your franchise: ARKANSAS (Stat.