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Cdsbeo Agreement

“Letters sent on Friday in accordance with the OECD collective agreement should identify surpluses in schools and the system,” she wrote. “These letters were not letters of redundancy. Teachers who have received a surplus letter now have the opportunity to compete for available and competitive positions through our vacancy, transfer and mediation process, which will begin on May 15, 2019 and continue until the end of June 2019 for September 2019. This occupation process is consistent with previous years. Only teachers who have not obtained a position for September 2019 before the end of June 2019 will be declared superfluous and added to our recall list. “Teachers and education workers across the province are united and the public is firmly behind us,” said Liz Stuart, President of the OECD. “Everyone says we don`t support the Ford government`s destructive agenda for publicly funded education, and everyone knows that the solution is for the government to move away from its reckless cuts from its ruthless cuts and that there is a real plan to reach a fair deal.