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China Manufacturing Agreement

However, a broader NNN agreement is an improved version of an NDA, as it offers three types of protection, namely: the use of the international market and the importation of goods from China or other countries abroad is a decision made by many companies. If you decide to go into business with a Chinese manufacturer, it is important that you have a manufacturing agreement to clearly explain the relationship, including: there is no shortage of horror stories about mold conflicts and tools with Chinese CMs. CMs understand that without molds/tools, you or another CM cannot immediately manufacture the products and use the shapes/tools to keep you hostage. So make sure that the CM agrees in the delivery agreement that you have the form/tools at all times and include a list of detailed tools/tools. If you transfer existing forms/tools to CMs, you will request a deposit and indicate the amount in the delivery agreement. Also consider including a liquidated claim provision indicating a predetermined amount of damage if your form/tool is not returned immediately if you request it. Properly liquidated damage will put you in a position of strength to obtain a speedy judgment from a Chinese court. It also gives the Chinese court a basis to freeze CM`s assets before obtaining a judgment whose threat would almost always lead to the return of your forms/tools. This document is available in two versions – English and Chinese. The delivery contract is intended to be used when a supplier agrees to sell products or materials to a buyer at predetermined prices with minimum/maximum annual quantities,…

Unsurprisingly, more and more Australian entrepreneurs are leaving their products manufactured in China. If, as an Australian contractor, you are considering importing goods from China, you may need a manufacturing agreement. China can be an attractive site for manufacturing because of the: The magnitude of the commitment will determine what your manufacturer can and cannot do. So it`s important to think about what you want before you change the agreement. 8. Termination events, as in most agreements, include events that give rise to immediate termination rights (for example. B, the unauthorized use of the buyer`s intellectual property and the violation of the conditions of competition) and those that require notice and the right of the aggrieved party to remedy the violation (non-delivery of products meeting the specifications). 10. Arbitration: As production tends to be concentrated in less developed regions in China, in addition to the cost/time/reliability benefits often associated with arbitration, we recommend that clients choose arbitration procedures for dispute resolution.