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Social Security Agreement Denmark

The main objective of the agreement is to help people who move between Australia and Denmark to receive a pension from each country, so that Australia and Denmark share that person`s long-term social security. The agreement: The social security benefits covered by the agreement are as follows: the agreement between New Zealand and the United Kingdom does not allow the payment of New Zealand benefits and pensions that are paid to the United Kingdom. However, they may receive an allowance or a pension in the United Kingdom. However, if you are invited by the authorities of your country of residence to provide proof of the social security obligation in Denmark, you must send the questionnaire to the website regarding the determination of social security rights in Udbetaling Danmark (Denmark Payment Agency). Careful! All you have to do is do it if you are specifically asked. If you work in a non-EU/EEA country, you do NOT automatically retain your social rights in Denmark. This means that in the country where you live or work, you are covered by the social security subject and you will have both rights and duties in that country. You are required to pay social security contributions in the country where you work and you are entitled to social benefits and benefits from that country. Social benefits and benefits are, for example. B, health services, sick pay, family allowances and workers` compensation benefits.

Denmark has social security agreements with the following countries: New Zealand has social security agreements with Australia, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. You must re-apply for your New Zealand allowance or annuity under the corresponding agreement if you move to one of these countries. Under the agreement, Denmark allows social pensions to be paid to Danish citizens and citizens of Australia who reside in both countries and reside in Denmark for at least three years between the age of 15 and 67. Periods of residence in Denmark prior to April 1, 1957 are not included in the calculation of the benefit for Australian nationals living outside Denmark. If you plan to stay abroad for more than six months and opt out of the National Registry Office, you should carefully assess your social security position. Social security rules depend on whether you are travelling to another EU or EEA country or to a third country. This agreement may be amended in the future by complementary agreements which, as soon as they come into force, will be considered an integral part of this agreement. These agreements can be concluded retroactively if they specify. All applicants to the Australian Serrenten agreement must also meet the other conditions (for example. B the age limits and income and wealth controls) required for this pension under Australian social security legislation. The EU Health Insurance Card is issued by your local service and you order it at Any discrepancies in the interpretation or implementation of this agreement are identified by consultation.

The Social Security Agreement also benefits U.S. and Danish companies by facilitating the transfer of workers between the two countries. The agreement allows the worker to remain continuously in the social security system of his country of origin while working abroad.