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Tds Clause In Service Agreement

We had a contract with G4S Security Services and they also provide services for security guards, that is, while they deliver goods to the warehouse and charge a service fee. It sends an invoice on the electrical goods and service charges provided. However, the service tax is only levied on the service fee provided. In this case, please confirm the amount to which TDS is applicable. (on the gross amount or only on the service fee) However, the seller adds proof of costs to the invoice. Please revert me on it. There are qualitative differences between the material called “work” and the material called “service”. The two words give different ideas. For the first, i.e. “work”, the activity is essentially physical, it is palpable. In the activity called “services”, the dominant characteristic of the activity is intellectual, or at least mental.

The sponsorship agreement is essentially an agreement for the realization of an advertising work. Therefore, the provisions of Article 194C apply to Circular No. 715 of 8-8-1 995. If the rental and the tds on the rental of the Co. A , but the agreement of the premises was concluded by other co.B. Is it permissible, what is the law? Please specify whether TDS is to be deducted from the service tax or other tax component contained in the gross contract price. Number of parties who deducted TDS from the service tax or other tax contained in the contract price, which I find technically incorrect.