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The Four Agreements Age Appropriate

At the end of the day, I think it is important that his agreements have the consequences you want. Don Miguel Ruiz tells how only four chords with yourself and the universe can unfold and deploy the bound version of the self and bring you back to your authentic identity and purpose. This gives you the freedom to live in a place of completeness. We have to break many old arrangements and change a lot of domesticated beliefs to really keep a space for someone who hurts us or who is angry without judging to withdraw, defend, accuse, intellectualize, share their dream. Greetings, readings, studies, and teaching courses on the application of the four agreements – I don`t really see a contradiction between what you say and what the four agreements teach us. These are guiding principles that we come back to, we reflect on them, they are ways to reach agreements with themselves on what we will be and will achieve in the world – they are not laws like the 10 commandments (only shorter). For example, “Doing your best” is based on the idea that it is better to change every day, sometimes every hour. And that we are called to do our best individually, depending on what we have and where we are at all times. I have neither read nor planned this book. I saw these four chords on the wall in a yoga teacher house and laughed. These tenants are what Saniel Bonder, the founder of Waking Down In Mutality, would call hyper-masculine ideas to improve us. They could improve our lives for a while, but like all self-improvement projects, they imply that ultimately we need more self-insurance. Although there is an important place for the action component in life (the male strength), it is necessary to reconcile it with the softer outfit and to accept the maternity qualities of the deep feminine.

Truly loving us for and with all our human weaknesses is the key to the non-judgment of ourselves and others, and a surprising impudence. This can pave the way for a deeper understanding that involves knowing us as an unlimited presence of Devine. Here is a spontaneous list of my 4 chords: (1) Do you pause – again and again, if I have to call four betrayals that I usually make myself, will they be? The four agreements that Don Miguel Ruiz challenges us are powerful, important and curative. My commitment to practicing them has changed my life, my family, the people around me. They`re tough. But they`re not impossible. Like everything I share, it is a day to a time proposal. Sometimes parenting is like an hour or a minute at an hour, and it doesn`t matter. Let`s start with a little agreement on how you can apply these agreements to your family. One drawback of the book is that some of the chords are too extreme, and if you take them literally, they can cause additional problems in your life if taken without a proverbial grain of salt. However, with a little balance and a sense of openness, these chords can change and alleviate stress. Here is an explanation of the four agreements.

I also found it strange to judge a book about the behavior of a person who claims to have read it and about the elderly who are the ancestors of the author of the book. That is why I did not respond to Cccc`s comment. If the commentator explains why he/she thought the four chords meant that people were behaving ruthlessly and selfishly, I might have received an answer. As it is, I support the idea that –Toltec or not — these principles are a healthy way of life and correspond to good practices supported by modern psychology: thank you, Allan, for sharing the wisdom. I am honored that someone of your stature would take the time to read my article and clarify the importance of the agreements. As for intransition, this word certainly has the connotation of perfectionism, and if we take it that way, we would indeed go crazy.