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Ua Local 290 Master Labor Agreement

(282) Wages are paid in accordance with subsections (40), (41) and (42) of the local agreement. (210) In the event that such an employer does not inform the trade union of its intention to bargain separately within the abovementioned period, it is presumed that that employer accepts the terms and agreements concluded in the course of negotiations between the Union and the association and that it is bound by the resulting collective agreement. (153) In the event of cancellation of any part of this Agreement, the Parties agree to immediately open negotiations which shall be concluded within sixty (sixty) days of written notification of the request for negotiation with a view to obtaining a satisfactory replacement of the invalid Part of this Agreement. If the parties have not reached an agreement within this sixty (sixty) day period, each party shall have the right to initiate arbitration proceedings in accordance with Article XII (arbitration) in order to resolve the alternative language. (81) The term `normal construction and construction market` is the following geographical area, plus the adjacent shuttle distance, including the area from which the normal supply of labour is ensured, provided that he has to work on Saturdays at the option of a worker. The initial and notice periods for each position are governed by mutual agreement between the union and the employer. There must be a lunch break of thirty (30) minutes, which begins approximately four (4) hours immediately after the regular departure time. The employer and the trade union agree that the employer shall make pension contributions to the national pension fund, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, on behalf of the workers covered by the National Pension Fund under the collective agreement. .

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